On the Road - Reportagen aus Afrika


Aufklärung gegen Mädchen-Beschneidung

Laut UNICEF weist das westafrikanische Land weltweit eine der höchsten Raten weiblicher Genitalverstümmelung auf. Eine junge Frau, selbst Opfer der grausamen Praxis, möchte das ändern. Hier geht's zum Film. 

My City Conakry

It's not easy being one of the only female rappers in a city of two million people - but Sister Lessa welcomes the challenge. She shows us around her city Conakry in Guinea and takes us to where her story began. Watch the episode. 


My City Bamako

Mali's capital Bamako is one of Africa's fastest growing cities. It’s also known for its mixture of traditional Malian music, the famous Bamako blues and hip hop. Local rap legend Master Soumy shows you around.

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Mali's returnee Migrant

Many young Africans travel abroad and often end up staying in their new home indefinitely. But pizza chef Moussa Sissoko is breaking this cycle. After living in France, he decided to move to Bamako to open up a restaurant. Watch here.

The Gambia

My City Serekunda

Rapper Ali Cham — aka Killa Ace — takes us for a tour through his city Serekunda. Even though it is not the capital of The Gambia - that is Banjul - it is the cultural and economic heart of the country.

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Sex tourism in The Gambia: What Gambians think about sex tourism in their country?

The Gambia is a hotspot for sex tourism. What can be done about it? In Serekunda, our reporter Edith Kimani hosts a heated debate with young residents, people working in the tourism sector and government officials. Watch here.